Recruitment doesn't have to be scary!

With an experienced team of recruiters who understand the local area, Diamond Recruitment Group can ensure recruitment is never a scary process. Here are our tops tips to make your next recruitment drive a success.

Oct 24, 2017

Attract the right candidates

The job description is one of your strongest tools to attract the right candidates. It is the first piece most candidates read and is the perfect opportunity to sell both the job and your company. Make sure you write an engaging job description that reflects the exciting challenges of the role. How will the successful candidate help your business reach your goals? What does the career progression pathway look like?

Now, think of where people in your sector are likely to look for work – online job boards, social media, sector wide events, jobs fairs? Get your new job description in the right places to attract people with the suitable skills. No candidate love potions necessary!

Make applying a breeze

With so little time in the day, and so many opportunities currently available, most applicants won't be able to complete a 10 page application form! If you have experienced the horror of having no suitable candidates after the deadline has come and gone, consider simplifying the application process.

For many jobs, a CV and cover letter addressing essential criteria for the role is simple enough for most candidates to complete and robust enough to support your shortlisting process.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Keep candidates informed about the recruitment process – will only shortlisted candidates be contacted? Will there be a screening phone interview? Are face-to-face interviews scheduled for a particular week?

Provide prompt and useful feedback to all candidates, both successful and unsuccessful, because your reputation as a good employer is affected by how you communicate with all job applicants, regardless of whether they get the post.

Your next recruitment campaign will be that much easier if unsuccessful candidates have not been scared away – an unsuccessful candidate today could be a future applicant tomorrow!

Still spooked?

Recruitment can seem scary at first, but after 28 years of experience we know how to get the right people with the right skills into the right jobs.

Contact us and speak with our Recruitment Wizards for more tips on how you can run a pain free and effective recruitment campaign.