Keeping Up the 'New Year, New Career' Momentum

Grace Fleming, Branch Manager for Diamond Recruitment Group's Foyle office, outlines how candidates can keep up the 'New Year, New Career' motivation beyond the New Years Resolutions slump.

Jan 31, 2018

January is always a busy time for recruiters – with New Year Resolutions running rampant, many people are keen to see how they can apply their skills to a new role on 2 January. However for some people the ‘New Year, New Career’ motivation quickly dwindles – especially if the first few applications haven’t led to an interview – and there they are on 31 January, half heartedly reviewing key search teams on an online job board wondering what has gone wrong.

Searching for a new job can be a stressful time for anyone, so that’s why at Diamond Recruitment Group’s Foyle office we do everything we can to help candidates through the process. With that in mind, here are our top three tips to keep up the job search momentum:

1.     Speak with a Recruitment Consultant

Not sure how to communicate the skills you’ve gained in your current role? That’s where a recruiter steps in.

Don’t know what employers have the best opportunities for people with your expertise? That’s where a recruiter steps in.

Wondering if your experience is enough to make up for a very specific qualification an employer has asked for? That’s... well, you get my point.

Recruiters speak with employers on a daily basis. That means we know what skills are in demand, what projects employers want to hear about, and which employers best suit the candidates who come through our doors.

For example, in January alone our Recruitment Consultants in Foyle have spoken with several local employers and helped over 25 candidates start new roles in sectors ranging from Health & Social Care, IT, HR and Warehousing, entering specialist roles as far ranging as Agricultural Inspectors and Scientific Officers .

When it’s your job to help someone find a job, you know exactly what employers are looking for.

2.     Review your CV and target audience

If you’ve been sending out applications and struggling to get an interview, it might be worth reviewing your CV to make sure you’re targeting the right audience.

The problem we often find is that CVs can be too generic. This can especially be a problem if you are skilled in a number of areas and have had several roles in different sectors over the years. Often less is more – highlight the roles, responsibilities and accomplishments most relevant to the job specification you’re responding to.

That could mean having a different CV for each application, but a Recruitment Consultant can help you narrow down the important points to cover.

3.     Network, Network, Network

It can’t be overstated – networking is a great way to keep your ear on the ground about new opportunities. Whether it’s using social media to connect with like-minded people or attending local job fairs, connecting with people in your sector will help boost your profile.

There are many local groups and events in the North West area where you can connect with like-minded people, from seminars regarding GDPR to business networking events.  Local business organisations such as the Chamber Of Commerce and local Enterprise Agencies can help build your network and open doors for new opportunities.

‘New Year, New Career’ doesn’t need to end in January – sometimes the job search process can take a little longer than you had hoped, but with these steps, you can take that momentum into February and find your dream job.

If you’re looking for your next step in Derry/Londonderry, you can contact Grace and Diamond Recruitment Group’s Foyle team at 028 7127 7788 or